How to Deal with Stupid Causes – Ignore Them.

How the 99ers shows us how to deal with dumb causes like Earth Hour.

Every Year on the last Saturday in March we have to deal with the stupidly of meaningless causes like Earth hour.  Since the first Earth hour, I have not seen any difference in the skyline than any other day. As I was looking though old post I made in 2010, I came across my criticism of the 99ers, you remember them the longtime unemployed protesting for tier 5. Where are they now?  During the period of 2009-2010 they were the darlings of the media. The 99er movement started to lose steam so they added % and became 99%ers or Occupy Wall Street until they evenly died out.  Eventually people saw though their antics and ignored the 99ers. The 99 movement eventually died out. Today many 99er and unemployment sites of the 2009-2010 period stop producing post in 2010 or died out.  The lesson here is the best response opposition to absurd protest movement is to ignore them; without notoriety the movement will smother itself to obscurity with by its own absurdity. The same can be said for Kwanza, and   Take you Daughter to Work day.

Now he it is in 2014, already some environmental causes are showing fatigue. I never realized Earth day was 22 Apr and Today is Earth Hour. As I looked at the media today, even the liberal one, Earth Hour is hardly mentioned in the headlines.   Today Mar 29th I not going to acknowledge Earth Hour or take part of the counter protest of Human Achievement day but treat today as any other Saturday. These silly causes will fade out or just become another entry at Internet Archive.

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Of Bakers and Same Sex Marriage

In light of current events, I would like State Oregon to rehabilitate Jewish delicatessens, by keeping kosher, refusing to carry pork products, Muslim own restaurants who keep Halal who refuse not only carry pork producers also refuse to sell alcohol and Hindu Indians refusing to sell beef curry.
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Conservatives for Big Government

Leave to Reason Foundation and  libertarians to Point out  hypocrisy of  Conservative Republican when it come to  limited government    Shikha Dalmia  has written  a wonderful article,  GOP’s border-control plan a recipe for bigger government, pointing out the hypocrisy.

“House Speaker John Boehner Thursday pulled the plug on his immigration reform “principles” after his fellow Republicans refused to go along.

One reason why the proposal received a cold reception was that the GOP’s self-appointed moral guardian Ann Coulter bandied surveys showing that immigrants will “wreck the country” with their Big Government-loving ways. “It’s not their [Republicans’] position on amnesty that immigrants don’t like,” she harrumphed. “It’s Republicans’ support for small government, gun rights, patriotism, the Constitution and capitalism.”

But if Republicans love liberty and small government, they sure have a weird way of showing it.”

The conservative republican position immigration and trade, how it violates the principals of individual liberty, capitalism, and limited government   is why I left the Republican Party, reject any form of conservatism, the tea party and conservative media.

I have to agree with her; the conservatives in the party want to restrict all immigration because new citizens tend to lean democratic.  The conservative in the republican like to dress restricting immigration in terms like securing the boarders first or reforming immigration while never saying how they will improve the legal immigration process. This bad policy has been going on since 1997 with an article in 1997 National Review Electing a New People. For once I wish a Republican get a  back bone and stand  up to the likes of Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh and tell them both, if you don’t like it then go start your own little party we will bury you and be rid of  the specter of the Know Noting party.

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GoldieBlox the Empress Has No Clothes

There is  a  buzz about  Super Bowl 2014 ads and a bit of controversy is brewing about Intuit’s  ad a contest  and choosing  of GodieBlox as  winner of a 4 million dollar Super Bowl  spot . GodieBlox is the maker of builder toys aimed at girls; it mission as the owner says is to   shake-up the pink isle. The media is gushing over the as a counterpart to media male dominated ads and girl power. I feel like the little boy in the Emperor’s New Clothes. Is  Goldieblox doing  girls  a favor  by creating  a separate  toys  for them  but  I need to go father  and ask  is even beneficial to shove STEM at girls who may chose a different path. Is it beneficial to make girls pawns of an ill thought out and ridiculous war on gender?  Is it beneficial to  tell girls pink is uncool.  I would  say no to each part  because imposing so called gender neutrality is  causing more harm than good and furthermore,  what  if  a boy want to play  with GoldieBlox kits or a girl  want a pink Hello Kitty are we going to say no?

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