The Unemployed Tech 2014 at a Job Fair

Yes I am unemployed again and very close to becoming homeless. more later but today:

What I lead from Job Fairs
Which of these statements are false; there are two.
1. Spent time looking at the map and web site, noting who was listed and did not show up.
2. Your resume look good. We have a space to do a pre-screening interview. You look good can we schedule a full interview. Is Tuesday ok?
3. Wishing companies not listed was part of job fair.
4. You impressed us; we would like to make you an offer.
5. See our webpage.
6. Empty booth : see our web page. ( not this year’s fair)
7. Talk to company, realize there no job here for you.
8. The representatives are not from the department one is interested in and only have little information about the department one is interested in.
Wonder why I skeptical of job fairs.




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Internet Slowdown day and Netflix Temper Tantrum

Wednesday  of you have  not notice ( and peas should not bother), is  Internet slowdown day. A day for websites to act like a bunch crying two years old.



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Ham Radio Fun Update APRS Decoder C++

What to do  while unemployed ? Answer,  Program  and app to decode ham radio APRS packet (Automatic Packet Reporting System) in C++  .  Time for an update.  The  upper  left window  is putty  is  Dire Wolf running on a Raspberry Pi,  decoding  APRS packet from  my radio. The bottom left is my application  in action decoding packet data  from  dire wolf via virtual serial port : it shows  the Raw AX25 packet (Raw Kiss hex), then the  packet ID  byte,  decodes source address -> destination address , SSI D,  and digi repeater address.  The rest   shows  the rest of the packet in ASCII  and hex  for future development and debugging  packet decoding  functions .  as you can see  the status  message “Packet Type >” is almost  decoded.

Next phase to develop the functions to decode the position and  telemetry data.


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Ann Coulter and the Dangers of Conservative Populist Idolatry

Ann Coulter,  the conservative  commentator, dropped a bombshell by calling  the brave missionaries who are  following  Christ   Great  Commission   Idiotic. I think this sums it up

“Can’t anyone serve Christ in America anymore?

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