The Revolution Was Televised

The revolution was televised. Looking at the data, Trump increased the Black, Asian and Latino vote compared to Romney in 2012 , I suspect from the blue collar demographics. Trump has flipped traditional pro union blue collar democrat states. The Black and Latino vote stayed home rather than vote for Hillary or Trump.
This is something new, as big as Regain’s election in 1980. The revolutionaries are not the SWJ triggered snowflakes, rioting and pushing worthless online petitions. but the average blue collar Joe who is tired of the patronizing, ivy league, political / corprate establishment
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Election 2016 WWJD

Lest say I not happy with  the choices. For the fist time since voting for Reagan  in 1984 I will not vote for  the Republican.

Every four years, the American evangelical  church is  infected  with a malady  called the Presidential elections. Last cycle there was a dominionist  calling  churches and pastor that does not  preach  politics from the pulpit cowards. The purpose  of the church and  the duty of the pastor  on Sunday is the rightfully handling of the Word and sacraments, preaching law and gospel, sin and grace. This year the fallacies flow with how would Jesus vote.  As in Jesus  would vote for  Trump.  Well lest see what   scripture  would say What would Jesus dor.

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An Open Letter to my Mystery Benefactor

An open letter:
I am not sure you will read this. I am the single Black diner at Forgo de Chao in Portland Oregon on 13 September 2016.. I do not know who you are but I want give you my most sincere thanks for paying for my meal and making my birthday.

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Good Bye GOP Hello Libertarian Party

Between the fascist Trump, and  the populist conservative army  decimating  everything Reagan stood for and Hillary Clinton. There is only one  alternative party  I can register with.



Don’t say I am voting for the lesser of two evils. I am voting  against two evils.

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