More Why No on Measure 66 and 67

Pro 66 and 67:

If measure 66 and 67 fails, we will have to cut school days, and some services.


If measures 66 and 67 passes, I:

  1. ability to find a new job.
  2. lose my health care (no money for COBRA)
  3. Lose my Apartment, (I can not afford rent on Unemployment)

Now tell me teacher who will lose more, My ability to provide  for my essential needs as food and shelter or union swags with a few less days teaching and a bigger class size.


About Scatcatpdx

I am just an average Joe living in the People Republic of Portland Oregon. I was a Republican Precinct Person for Washington County, and campaign volunteer. Now I card carrying Libertarian and registered with the Libertarian Party. I am a bible believing Christian who is Calvinist and Reformed in my theology and Anglican in worship and practice. My other interest are music (classical and world), drawing, and Fury Fandom, I consider myself a furry lifestyler.. I am a Ham Radio operator
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