Examining the 99er Claim (is it a myth needed to be busted)

My original post musing as an unemployed tech is suffering a common problem in my writing. The post became long and unyielding length. I might just want put of and move on to something else.

The extended unemployment has ending with the liberal rhetoric of bigotry and childish envy against the wealthy and, with my own personal great disgust, hide behind the Christmas season. 

It this  rhetoric, I want to shed some light and do shed my doubt on a common phrase in the 99er’s sob story.  The 99er is the poster boy of the left, the person who exhausted there 99 weeks unemployment payments. On major fault of leftwing advocacy, it they never leave anything to chance. Often the sob stories run off script, hence I am questioning the claim of submitting 50 to 75 resumes a week with no answer. To be fair the range I heard for different stories is from a respectable 300 to unbelievable thousands

I have a hard time believing it.  This means for 99 weeks the person, on the high side, submitted 4950 to 7425 résumés during a 99-week period. The means ether the person was submitting to a job one is hardly qualified for or doubles submitting which can ether annoys the employer or leads to a disqualification.   Still regardless of quantity, I feel after a year, the 99er might want to try something else like moving to a different location.  Why did the stay in the same location.  Another problem is there only so many opportunities per day to submit. Even if multiple hires per company, the employer most only accept one application per job seeker. The numbers just do not add up.

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