Diocese of Fort Worth Stop it and Give it Back

I am sad over the current lawsuits by the Episcopal Church and the Anglican* Diocese of Fort Worth. I am more saddened by those who voted to leave yet continue to fight the Episcopal Church over the property. To me, this is a waste of resources better use to further the Gospel of Christ and build a new Diocese.

When we at ST. Mathews Anglican Church, with  the  guidance of the Holy Spirit , voted to leave the  Episcopal Church, we decided on the basis of 1 Corinthians 6:1-7  not to dispute  the Episcopal Church claim over the property. We knowledge life is not fair and there will be cost in following Christ.  The new elected Bishop of Oregon changed the locks and even through we told him of out intentions to leave the property.  In addition, the Episcopal Church tried to get our priest to surrender his ministry and ordination; they could not touch him because our priest is ordination by the Church of England.

By walking away, we did not open ourselves to similar lawsuits. Moreover, we did so in a way that glorified God. As demonstrated recently, both Churches that left and the Episcopal Church show such litigation is unnecessary as demonstrated by St. George’s Anglican Church in Helmetta.

“Raymond Dague, attorney and legal counsel for St. George’s Anglican Church in Helmetta, New Jersey, tells about how his client and The Episcopal Church amicably settled their disputes. Mr. Dague says this outcome gives hope that future and current lawsuits can be avoided or ended.” (from Anglican perspectives)”

The best thing for the Diocese of Fort Worth is to try to settle with the the Episcopal Church or just walk away, in any way God will be gloried.

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