Time Flies When You Are Getting Old

I did not realize it until Monday, 30 years ago on July 1984, I step off a plane on my way to Yokosuka Japan where my ships USS Reeves (CG-24) and USS Midway (CV-41) were home ported . They were the best years of my life. My fellow shipmates could never understand why I did not want to go home during my leave. Simply I was overseas and want to see it all.
I made a special dinner of Tonkatsu (Japanese breaded pork cutlet) for dinner; it was probably my first meal in Japan.


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I am just an average Joe living in the People Republic of Portland Oregon. I was a Republican Precinct Person for Washington County, and campaign volunteer. Now I card carrying Libertarian and registered with the Libertarian Party. I am a bible believing Christian who is Calvinist and Reformed in my theology and Anglican in worship and practice. My other interest are music (classical and world), drawing, and Fury Fandom, I consider myself a furry lifestyler.. I am a Ham Radio operator
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