Viva Sad Puppies

Viva   Sad  Puppies

I love it when  a group of non liberal malcontents pull on over  the liberal elite. That is what the group  Sad Puppies  have done. Not only submitting  the awards nominations but exposing  the hypocritical  intolerance of the media and the left wing  bias of Science Fiction  and Fantasy  liberal establishment.  The  result on the left  is pretty predictable:

Salon:     “Sci-fi’s right-wing backlash: Never doubt that a small group of deranged trolls can ruin anything (even the Hugo Awards)”

The there Irene Gallo


There been a lot of miss information. Sad Puppies  and  Rabbit puppies  are two different groups.  The  Rabid Puppies is  the  group ran by Vox Day and is not associated with the Sad Puppies. After reading  Vox Day’s posts. I have a hard  time believing the person is overtly racist,  but more like a big government  populist.  Not all of the Sad Puppies 3 nominees are conservative some are women and  liberals. .  I dare say the sad puppies slate show a greater diversity of writes from liberal to conservatives than  the claimed by podcast  like Escape Pod and  the Nebula Awards.

So how did we get into this mess in the first place. Like  rest of the media The Hugo Awards nominations were directed by a small groups  of  bias Social Justice liberals. One year a writer Larry Correia got the nod for  the Campbell award; there was one hitch, he was a Mormon , a gun store owner and defender of the second amendments. Because of his outside political  beliefs,  he was rewarded  with a  smear campaign. Not playing the victim  he got a bunch of allies who ether were attendees or paid the $40.00 voting member fee, got a slate nominated for the Hugo Awards. The Sad Puppies we born (i.e the  SFWA and  Hugo awards shenanigans were making puppies sad) The SF Social Justice wing went nuts, showing  there commitment to inclusiveness as long as  one holds the right liberal political dogma The  problem with  making anything other than artistic  excellence  the standard is the acceptance  of the subpar. I see very similar issue   as an evangelical  Christian  who decries sad state  of evangelical SF as nothing  more than  bad chick  tracks and end time stories. The same way the pandering  to so call diversity a la social justice and politics of indent  has resulted in awful 2014 Hugo short stories nominations; not one of the was Science Fiction  and  the sorry If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love is a travesty

Recently Escape Artist  Escaped pos  has   demonstrated  it own band of tolerance and inclusiveness  by refusing to podcast  Hugo nominees in the short story category this years as sown in an exchange I had with the assistant editor .


This person has shown a gross intolerance and  unprofessionalism. When  Escape p Pod’s start crying for more money because  they think Escape Pod  is  so important , I suggest not giving them money but buy them a shovel to give Escape Pod a proper burial and let another take their place.

The question is what for us to do?  First we should not award intolerant behavior with our support, that about escape pod intolerance next time they beg for money.

One of more interesting panels at Orycon was the history of the Fandom. What I take away  is Science Fiction fandom is a product of schisms and immature drama . In the 1920’2 a group of young  men would forma Science Fiction club.   Something  would set the group off  leading  to four thee split and the group leaves the club and form a new club.  Furthermore  thanks to the    smug , immature elitism in SF, Furry and Anime fandoms  would never be the large as they are when both were shown  the door out of the SF  con for not being science fiction literature.  Amine fandom has far surpass  Science fiction fandom, and  in many years the attendance of  the Largest  Furry Convention  Antrocon surpasses the attendance  of Worldcon on given years.

It is time   for another split form the intolerant liberals sf  establishment. We do not need the warriors at  SFWA and Worldcon. We can be  fine without them, especially  science  fiction has gone to small publishers, electronic self and podcasting.

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