Portland Transit Race puts Taxi and Pubic Transit on the Bottom

Willamette Week had their The great Portland transit race. The race was a group of people had to go from e Willamette Week office in Slabtown to Roadside Attraction, the pleasant patio bar on Southeast 12th Avenue. The participants used Bike cycle t Car2Go, Lyft, a taxi and the bus. The race counted time of travel and cost.  Unfortunately private auto was not in the equation.

The winner was Car2Go at 18 Minutes and cost $6.47. the Bike was free at 22 minutes. Lyft 19 minutes costing $11.14.

As for the bottom of the barrel

Taxi 23 minutes costing $17.00 with tip

and Trimet 51 minutes at $2.50

I know firsthand the problem in using public Transit. My wok commute was 1.5 to 2.5 hours for a 30 to 47 drive. As for taxi no wonder why the cab companies are opposed to Uber and Lyft, they want to keep the tradition of high prices and poor service.

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