My Response to Twitter banning Proud Boys

I do not care for the Proud Boys is see them as secular version of the Promise Keepers but a little too rough, too easy to resort react back in violence, and  have populist views I disagree with.  Still I feel twitter was wrong, banning is not the answer. Confronting them in civil debate is the way.

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The Best Christian Case for Libertarianism

From the Federalist:

It make two point I agree with. First:

“Libertarianism is the natural political ideology for Christians because it promotes individual freedom. 1 Peter 2:16 reads, “As freemen, yet not using liberty as a cloak for vice, but as bondservants of God.” Men free from the chains of government can maximize our liberties to help our fellow man through private charity and evangelism.”

A little proof texting on 1 Peter 2:16 I disagree with but  the principle remain the same. The problem is Government, for example Christian giving  government  control of marriage  and education.


“Original Sin Implies Limited Government

Traditional Christian theology proffers that man is inherently sinful. Man’s inherent original sin makes no person among us just, pure, or wise enough to govern other men. Too often we have found ourselves disappointed by politicians, kings, and other legal authorities. The rational response, therefore, is not to make more strict laws or to increase legal oversight. Rather, it should be to limit government power.”

The doctrine of totally depravity or Original Sin is why I am  a Libertarian.  Our sinful nature relates to government  in that we in our sin will drift towards abuse of political  power and authoritarianism, therefore  we must limit political power.

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March for NOT Our Lives

I had a good debate during the March for our live or  gun activist hiding behind children day on Facebook.

My initial post .

When did Children trump the Constitution?

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Ride Sharing Add to Congestion Bunk

A report  from Associated Press claims conclusively Rides share add to Congestion.   I have read many of the studies only skipping over the methodology part.  First, I felt the study is a bit disingenuous, peculiarly UCD study which shows a higher of number of car owners using Uber instead of their cars. These studies may count the number of cars but say nothing about the number of car trips saved by Ride sharing.  If a single car can do an average of 15 riders a day, that single car is doing the work of 15 cars.  I assume these trips save would be single occupancy cars without Ridesharing.

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