The Day Part of America As I Knew It Died Tonight

I can only say  that it was a huge mistake by Conservatives and Conservative talk radio that allow this to happen.  It started when they thought out was a good idea to throw out the RINOS and let the Democrats win.  It this they share in the blame in destroying American Liberty. Great going Rush Limbaugh and the rest of you all.  Far more damage was done tonight than any Mexican Immigrant.

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I am just an average Joe living in the People Republic of Portland Oregon. I was a Republican Precinct Person for Washington County, and campaign volunteer. Now I am a IDKWIA (I Don't Know What I Am). I am a bible believing Christian who is Calvinist and Reformed in my theology and Anglican in worship and practice. My other interest are music (classical and world, Progressive Trance), drawing, and Fury Fandom, I consider myself a furry lifestyler.. I am a Ham Radio operator.
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